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Rural Dilemma
Scaling Impact



What we do |    Scaling Impact

Our objective first and foremost is to create a highly functioning organization that effectively delivers on its mission of improved student achievement in rural schools. Once we have proven the efficacy of our model and can demonstrate success against specified targets, there are a number of options for increasing our impact in South Africa and beyond, including:

Replication: The limited infrastructure requirements and low cost-to-impact ratio of our model make it a highly leveraged means of achieving systemic change in rural education districts. With the desperate need for rural solutions throughout the developing world, our success may open doors for replication in other school districts.
Research dissemination: We bring a strong research ethos to our work with students and schools and believe that our focus on math, science and language instruction for rural students is uniquely placed to offer insights for others in the field. In addition to academic publication, Axium will seek to offer strategic input to other organizations doing similar work around the world.

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