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1. Ekukhuleni Program
2. Study groups
3. Khan
4. Chatterbox club
5. Sports Manager
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Ekukhuleni Program

Every Saturday morning grade 10-12 students from the 5 Axium schools travel to Upper Mpako, the most central of the 5 schools. The day is divided into 5 sessions; English, a leadership activity, Maths, lunch and Science. As a volunteer, you will find yourself with no shortage of things to get involved in. You may find yourself up in front of the class teaching or learning and singing One-Direction songs together with the English classes, making peanut butter or pologny sandwiches together with the lunch ladies, playing soccer during the breaks, running the mobile library and getting the students excited about reading, and potential cattle herding as you pack up and leave for the day. You will also have the privilege of sitting in on classes and getting to work alongside the passionate and enthusiastic teachers on board the Axium team, as well as the dedicated and hard-working students. Saturday classes are a great way to get into the classrooms and contribute in whatever way, manner or form.

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