August 2016   



Unbelievably, we're past the middle of 2016. And this mid-year, there are a number of things we're grateful for, and excited about. Around the top of the list is the almost-ready office that will be in operation in a matter of weeks. This will be a significant milestone for a team that's accustomed to getting creative when it comes to work space. We're excited about what it will mean for our productivity, and collaboration amongst team members. Secondly, we're excited about the opportunities students in our programmes have been exposed to over this past quarter: From the range of volunteers they've engaged with; to the latest set of books from FundZA Literacy Trust and Book Dash; to holiday reading clubs run by the team of Community Readers; to sign language lessons and practical science experiments. Every new experience or resource enriches each student's education, paving the way for them to become well-rounded and curious people… And ultimately, life-long learners!

We hope you enjoy this selection of highlights from the past quarter.

Mid-Year Mayhem - The best kind!

This past June break was action-packed! With four Boot Camps, a holiday programme for younger kids, xx volunteers from around the world and the country, visits from funders and alumni… It wasn't so much a 'break' as a whirlwind adventure for Team Axium.

Creating MasaKHANE Movies (and Memories!)

Our holiday Boot Camps are highlights for the team and students. They are an opportunity for us to spend a chunky period of time covering content, and exposing students to new knowledge and experiences. At one of the MasaKHANe Boot Camps, the students had the opportunity to explore videography with a visiting Disney videographer, Jadene Carey. Read about their experience here, and watch out for the final product, soon to be released on a Facebook page near you.

Stories Are Spreading…

Story time with Bongeka at Sekiwe's Reading Club

During holiday times, there aren't a huge range of exciting things for children to get involved in around Zithulele. Until this past holiday. In July, the Community Readers hit the hills with reading boxes, energy, songs and games. Crowds of children joined the fun, and the winter chill was warmed up with stories! We're excited about the impact the reading clubs are sure to make in the months to come. Read some more about the holiday action here.

Volunteer Nathan Begbie gets the measure of Ekukhuleni students' towers

Volunteers and Visitors

Zithulele seems to have a magnet-like attraction for an array of visitors and volunteers who come and lend their skills and energy to our work. Whether it's for a few days, or a few months, their contributions always add value.

A big THANK YOU to the many, many people who continue to give in to the magnet's pull. Read more to find out what some of our latest volunteers have been up to at Axium.

Meet Zodwa Nho, Axiumite at University

Axium alumnus Zodwa Nho

While we love all kinds of visitors, it's especially exciting when we have visits from our alumni during their university holidays. This past holiday, Zodwa Nho paid us a visit, and students at MasaKHANe and Ekukhuleni had the opportunity to learn from her experiences transitioning to city and university life! She is studying social work at NMMU in Port Elizabeth. Read this interview to find out more!

Meet the Team - Danielle Carey

Danielle with two of her MasaKHANe students

Danielle Carey has been a member of the Axium team since September 2015, when she joined us for her gap year through Project Trust. She joined us as a newly school-leaving, fringed teenager - and leaves us with no , and a wealth of stories. Want to hear more about what she's learnt and experienced? Read this interview. While we are sad to bid Danielle farewell, we look forward to welcoming our new Project Trust volunteers this coming September.

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